So I am selling this domain

Hey guys,

So I am looking at selling this domain.


I picked up this domain on a whim and wasn’t sure what to do with it.
Now, this domain is for sale if you are interested, please email me at THX!

Honestly, the reason I want to sell this domain name is because I don’t have time to build out a site and I am really wanting to propose to my GF.

Things have been tight all around and I have been trying to save for wedding plans and our future together.

I really don’t care what I get for this domain, anything will help go towards a ring for her. I am looking at spending about $600 for the ring that she wants.


Phase 10

This is her. We play Phase 10. Sometimes things get serious. As you can tell.

If you really want to know something about her… know this. She is incredible. Growing up she has had her challenges.
She has Cerebral Palsy on her right side. Its never bothered me. Ok, so yeah she may be a little weaker on that side but I still think she is strong than me in so many ways.
I will never forget what she said on our third date: ” I’m sorry you are dating a cripple. “ We laughed but I have never seen her that way. Never.

So. I am selling the domain. If you or someone you know can do something with the domain make me an offer.


Make me an offer.

So how about it Microsoft, Skype, Symantec, Target, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, among others. :)

Isn’t this domain perfect for you?

Jut some stories about people, companies, and even countries who have been hacked.