Help! My email account has been hacked

Over the last year we have been getting more and more reports from people whose Hotmail/Yahoo!/Gmail email account has been hacked or hijacked. In many cases the account has been used to send spam or phishing emails to random addresses or to your own Contacts list stored in the webmail system. The hackers may have

Top Tips for Staying Secure on Facebook

SOURCE: The safety staff at Facebook have been working overtime to improve security features on the social network and assist Facebook users with keeping themselves safe from harm. There’s an increasing array of threats tailored to the social nature of the site which rely on users to trust updates from their friends to spread malware

Security and Privacy in Social media

Source:   What are the security and privacy issues associated with social networking sites? Social networking sites have become very popular avenues for people to communicate with family, friends and colleagues from around the corner or across the globe. While there can be benefits from the collaborative, distributed approaches promoted by responsible use of social

Privacy and your data

Post courtesy of Get Cocoon     Is online privacy dead? Revelations of government surveillance is at an all time high; with the latest chill-up-your-spine: a program dubbed Muscular (joint program of the NSA & GCHQ).  The Washington Post reported that the NSA secretly broke into the main communication links that connect Yahoo and Google

Docs Reveal ‘Disturbing’ Scale of NSA’s Global Hacking Abilities

The “most significant revelations to date.” “This is huge, in scale and in implications.” “Disturbing.” Those are just some of the ways people are reacting to the latest reporting by journalist Glenn Greenwald and his colleague at The Intercept, Ryan Gallagher on documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. In a news story entitled, ‘How the NSA

How do I protect my Apple Mac or iOS Devices?

Apple security is a hot topic We’re well aware of the long debate about the benefits of Macs vs PCs – even Google Chairman Eric Schmidt suggested PC owners should swap to Macs to be more secure. We have however put together some advice below for Apple owners based on a  consensus of expert opinion.